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  1. Love love love your books! Can’t tell you how much sleep I have missed but your stories are worth it! Thank you for your hard work!

    1. This made my day. <3 ~S

  2. What happened to the Hollywood Nights series? I just finished the first one and I LOVED it, but everywhere I look it says out of print. How do I read the rest of the series!?

    1. Hi Alison! The series was pulled and is getting reworked. It’s been renamed and is getting rewritten. So… The first book (Wildest Dreams–I’m glad you loved it! I did too.) Is now named Steal My Heart. I’ve rewritten it to include Walker’s point of view.
      The three remaining books are getting retitled, and you can find them here (right now they are on pre-order for 99c!)
      Call Me Yours –
      Ask Me To Stay –
      Promise Me Always –

      So you can STILL get them! 😀

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