Hot Nanny Next Door
Hot Nanny Next Door BB O A

Cathyryn Fox
No way was I going to marry some guy to bring two rivalling crime families together. I was not a pawn, and my virginity was not for sale. That’s why I snuck away, and took a nanny position in a nice neighborhood. The next thing I knew, I was a [...]

The Sassy Nanny Dilemma
The Sassy Nanny Dilemma BB O A

Elizabeth SaFleur
They can resist each other. Really, they can. The last thing Ashton Scott needs is more life complications. He has demanding celebrity clients and a six-year-old daughter he didn't even know he had until recently. His to-do list has no room fo [...]

Nanny Confidential
Nanny Confidential BB O A

Savannah Kade
He should have resented her. She was inept, had no idea how to calm a crying child, and she’d gotten his dream job. But there was something about Greer that had Judd helping her out. Despite being bad at her job, she was charming, curvy, and h [...]

Coaching the Nanny
Coaching the Nanny BB O A

Alexa Padgett
I’d adored my last two charges with all of my heart, but they grew up and no longer needed me. Saying goodbye had hurt more than I could endure again, so I wasn’t keen to start over as a nanny anytime soon… Until I met scared, angry Beatrix. I [...]

The Overseas Nanny Mistake
The Overseas Nanny Mistake BB O A

Rebecca Hunter
When I asked Practically Perfect Nannies for a client as far away from Brooklyn as possible, I was thinking Vermont, not Sweden. But the farther away from my family, the better. With my first passport and an overstuffed suitcase in hand, I lan [...]

The Impromptu Nanny Contract
The Impromptu Nanny Contract BB O A

Lisa Wells
Widower Macalister Forest is a best-selling mystery author. Being a single dad, on the other hand, hasn’t brought him many accolades. Just recently, his 5-year-old daughter, Josi, gave him a letter for Santa which he mailed without reading. Du [...]

The Royal Nanny Uncercover
The Royal Nanny Uncercover BB O A

Tawdra Kandle
When an old friend calls in a favor that sends me to the UK to pose as a nanny, I'm not thrilled. Kids and me? Not a great mix. But Prince Nicholas and his wife, Kyra, turn out to be the most relaxed royal parents ever, and their little girl i [...]

Coming Soon from Mary Tuhart
Coming Soon from Mary Tuhart BB O A

Marie Tuhart
Blake Ellington doesn’t need the complication of taking care of his niece in the middle of delicate business negations, but what choice does he have. His mother is in the hospital and his sister out of the country. He has no idea of how to han [...]

Coming Soon from Britney Bell
Coming Soon from Britney Bell BB O A

Britney Bell
Madison is a small town Texas girl who knows all about hard work, but when she applies and is hired at the Practically Perfect Nannies Agency, she soon finds out she's in over her head with her first client. Cade is new to the big game of prof [...]

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