“Bailey Ann Mayfair, when are you going to marry me?”
With those words, Bailey Ann’s already messy world begins to spin out of control.

The dutiful oldest daughter, Bailey Ann came home to care for her father, but she’s never felt more lost. Always the perfect child, she did everything she was supposed to, including giving up the boy she loved.

Finn Malloy is back in town, too, and even he’s not sure where he stands with Bailey Ann. She once cut him so deep he thought he’d never recover. Now that she’s back, though… he can’t stop thinking about what might have been.

Maybe if Bailey Ann can let go of the idea of being perfect, she can find a love that is perfect. But it might be harder than she thought…

In Breathless, Georgia, love is just around the corner. Perfect can be read as a standalone. Grab this compelling love story and prepare to fall head over heels.