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Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

Ever heard the saying brother from another mother? Well, I am thrilled (seriously, crazy happy!) to welcome Tracey Devlyn, one of my sisters from another mother, to the circle. I met Tracey nearly twenty years ago when we were both yet-to-be-published authors attending a local writer's group meeting.

From our initial meeting, I've had the good fortune to call Tracey my friend. After that first meeting, I read one of her historical romance short stories and was hooked! Whether she's writing flawed characters with deep emotional scars or gripping suspense scenes (don't miss the opening of A Lady's Revenge.) Tracey isn't afraid to push her characters to their limits. Boundaries? What boundaries?

Throw in her lyrical writing style and use of micro tension and book after book becomes a page-turner.

When Tracey branched out into contemporary romantic suspense with the Steele Ridge series, she brought her trademark writing style with her along with characters who are smart, strong and unafraid to fight for causes that matter.

I was lucky to have gotten a sneak peek at End Game, Tracey's newest release, and it just might be my favorite one so far. Although, I think I say that with each book!

So, be warned, rest up now because Tracey's books will keep you reading long after you should be sleeping.   - Adrienne

May Deal from Tracey Devlyn

Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

The humor you'll find in a Gemma Cates book is only matched by it's sexiness. Gemma is a fairly new-to-me author but she had me at line one. Her 'Dragon Shifters Do It' series begins with Dragons Do It Dirtier where bookkeeper, Taylor, is on a mission to forestall her imminent 'revirginization' when the dry spell that started after her fiancé cheated on her got a little out of control.

Who does she find to do the deed? Dragon shifter, Bane, who's sworn off all efforts to find a mate and tries to run when he stumbles on sweetly sexy Taylor talking to herself about her peach in the parking lot of a bar. He doesn't exactly manage to get away.

It's a classic story line, but Gemma's characters are so funny and hot that the trope feels as fresh as a daisy.

Gemma's books are fairly short but they make a great bite-sized snack when you're in the mood for sexy fun times. Her heroes are hot as sin and her heroines are never pushovers no matter what they've been told about themselves. If profanity and very hot explicit sex isn't your thing, don't get this book. For those who crave all that and more, start with the book Gemma is giving you all this month. Oh and a secret insider's tip no one but our readers will know in advance: Dragon's Do It Naughtier, book three in the series, will be ninety-nine cents from May 3rd to May 15th! You might as well grab that one too! - Lori

May Deal from Gemma Cates

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