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Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

I’m thrilled to welcome my pal (and co-author!) Misty Evans to The Inner Circle. I met Misty over ten years ago and immediately picked up her book, Operation Sheba. At which point, I fell in love with her writing. I remember being at a baseball tournament with my son and snatching nuggets of reading time to read because I was having a really (really!) hard time tearing myself away from that book. Not only was I invested in the hero and heroine, I adored one of the secondary characters (Michael Stone). I remember texting Misty during a nail-biter of a scene and telling her that if anything happened to my beloved Michael, I would not be happy.

After Operation Sheba, I was hooked. In Misty’s stories, you’ll find smart, badass heroines who never give up. You’ll also find strong, protective heroes who do whatever it takes to complete their missions and keep their loved-one’s safe. What you won’t find are perfect, cookie-cutter characters without humanizing flaws. I think what draws me most to Misty’s writing is her ability to develop highly relatable characters. They become my friends (oh, that Michael Stone) and I always root for their success.

If you like gripping suspense mixed with conflict upon conflict, I think you will love Misty’s books. And get ready to fall in love with some yummy characters. Highly recommend!!!


March Deal from Misty Evans

Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

I was introduced to Dianna Love by Adrienne, and knew instantly looking at her covers that I was going to love her books! I'm currently on the ninth and last book of her Treoir Dragons series and it's that situation where you want to get to the end but at the same time you don't. I'm pacing it out, hoping to make it last!

The worlds Dianna creates are rich and have the kind of depth that makes them feel real, like you've slipped into another world. It's a world you want to visit again and again.

Her characters are powerful and compelling with the ability to change and grow instead of being stagnant. Some are redeemed in the end. Some are not. Either way, you'll love (or love to hate) them all in the end. I'm reading her urban fantasy dragon shifter stuff, but she's also written romantic suspense books if that's your thing! Either way, she's definitely worth a look and she's sharing a deal on the first three books in the Treoir series!


March Deal from Dianna Love

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