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Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

I have to confess that Lulu and I are actually close friends. I also have to confess that I don't normally read shifter romances or comedy romance. But that's how amazing her writing is. It doesn't matter if this is your normal "cup of hot romance," I just know you'll love it anyway.

I think Protective is the first story of hers that I read. If you know me, you know I'm a science nerd, and she really just nails it. It's not important that you know that, but it makes such a difference if you're that kind of reader who can get pulled out of a story if the author doesn't pay attention. Lulu will never give you cause to get pulled away. You'll get pulled under and stay there!

She writes all kinds of paranormal stories, so once you finish this series (one of my favorites) hop on over and read Dead Sexy. She's forging a new path through paranormal romance and I'm here for it. For all of it! Any time you pick up a Lulu M Sylvian book you know you're going to get all the angst of the big drama romance with a smile like your favorite TV show. Your next binge read is right here!


June Deal from Lulu M. Sylvian

Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

Stacey Wilk is not only a dear friend, but one of those authors I'm in constant awe of because of her dedication, work ethic, and many strengths. Stacey does tons of events because she believes in connecting personally with readers. Among other volunteering, she hosts a well-run and worthwhile Girls Night Out fundraiser called Boobs Between the Books for Evolve Pink, a breast-cancer support group (join us both in Flemington, NJ on June 8!). And finally, her writing unfailingly burrows into that spot inside all of us romance readers reserved for the authors whose stories touch us most deeply.

All her unputdownable romantic suspense (look up the Brotherhood Protectors world books and her Darkness series), offers compelling character journeys in a dangerous race against mother nature settings—an all around heady reading experience. Same for her contemporary romance! From backstory to happy ever after—it's a roller-coaster of fast pacing and big emotions. Check out the Big Sky Country series, Heritage River series, and, lucky us, featured here, Candlewood Falls - Hometown series. In Book 1 Taking Root, Stacey chooses (as she always does!) the impossible: two people who you can't imagine ever getting over their tragic tangled pasts doing the work to create a relationship that's meant to be. Grab it on sale now, and then continue to Book 2 Raising Winter because it's just as impossibly perfect and one of my all-time favorites! Okay—yes, I admit I have a LOT of favorites when it comes to Stacey Wilk books, and you will, too!

- JB

June Deal from Stacey Wilck

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