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Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

I met Katie Mettner last year through a mutual friend and thought of her for The Inner Circle. Not only is she a talented writer, she's a kind person.

There's so much to love (literally!) in Magnificent Love, book one in Katie's Magnificent series. Let's start with the funeral director hero. Yes, you read that right. I'll be honest and say that in the thousands of romance novels that I've read, there's never been a funeral director hero, and it was fantastic. Different and fascinating in a way that made me rethink my idea of what a romance hero should be. Von is thoughtful and compassionate. He's a man unafraid to face grief and help his loved-ones through it. He was a wonderful surprise that I couldn't get enough of. It left me wondering why we don't see more funeral directors in romance books because it all made perfect sense!

Moving on to what else to love in this book ...

Katie has a gift for expressing the emotions of her characters and Von and Eve are no exception. There's a midpoint twist I never saw coming (and that's saying something because I look for stuff like that) and it rocked me. When the shock subsided, I realized Katie had expertly set the reader up for that twist, but it was so seamlessly woven into the story, it didn't jump out at me as foreshadowing. If you're a writer, you know how difficult that is to do.

Then there are the delightful secondary characters whose unconditional love for Eve and Von will make you smile. In the end, this book prompted me to think about how the things we lose often collide with things we gain at the exact time we're in desperate need of hope.

Well done, Katie Mettner!

- Adrienne

July Deal from Katie Mettner

Inner Circle Deal - November 2023

I met Olivia years ago at an author conference. (Yes, that's almost always how we authors meet each other! ha.) We hit it off and kept talking for a while. It takes a bit to sort through the to-do list after an event, and it took me a little while to get around to reading her books. I missed out by waiting! Don't make the same mistake I did.

I am such a picky reader. I know it. I'm not particularly proud of it. But when I'm recommending an author to you, know that I was drawn in and loved the book. Olivia's stories just grab you. The writing itself is in that perfect sweet spot: words are used deftly and the world is rich, but you aren't left with three pages of description of one thing. Olivia's characters and the plot just grab you from the opening lines. Even if you aren't sure you love them from the opening pages, you know you have to find out what happens and you're definitely rooting for them.

While she hits the tropes romance lovers read (perfect if you're an all-you-can-read type!) she's also got that deep dive, tug you under, run back to pick up your book and read again vibe for us pickier types. She has lots of books in Kobo Plus for those of you reading there. I'm currently working through her Iron Tornadoes series and it's a must read for anyone who devoured every episode of Sons of Anarchy. (<--me. It's me.)

Grab this set. You will not be disappointed. And now one of my favorite authors can be one of your favorites, too!

- Savannah

July Deal from Olivia Rigal

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