Coaching the Nanny

I’d adored my last two charges with all of my heart, but they grew up and no longer needed me. Saying goodbye had hurt more than I could endure again, so I wasn’t keen to start over as a nanny anytime soon… Until I met scared, angry Beatrix.had to help the little girl whose need for love is palpable. And her uncle Silas, who’s stepped up to dad? His sultry, pin-me-in-place eyes promised to fulfill all my dreams. Silas knows nothing about children, thanks to his broken childhood, and even less about making a family or a home. He’s in way over his head. That’s where I come in. A fixer, they call it in hockey. I’m not sure I can fix what’s broken between them, and yet... I yearn for the life we could share—that is, if taking a chance on the single dad doesn’t put my heart in the penalty box for good…
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