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Why don’t her spells work on Brandon? When he finds out what she's done all hell will break loose…
ToM1 Wishcraft - couple embraces

It was only supposed to be one night…

Knowing her battered and betrayed heart can’t take any more, Delilah casts a *forget* spell on Brandon. She’s an eighth generation witch, so why don’t her spells work on Brandon?

Brandon remembers bits and pieces of his night with a woman he can’t quite shake the need for. Memories of her linger just out of reach, but he knows what he felt was real and he has to find her.

The last thing Delilah wants is to be found. She’s still broken, she’s still a witch, he would never understand. But Brandon is determined. The only problem is when he finds out what she’s done all hell will break loose…

“Its easy to feel for her and pull for her, and want her to get her happy ending.”


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