Wildfire Hearts – Volume 2

$9.99 - or 20% off from me!
3 full romantic suspense novels with hot, hot firefighters, smart, savvy heroines, and wild, sexy romance.
Wildfire Hearts - Volume 2 cover - couple stares longingly in flames - with covers for Up In Smoke, From the Ashes and Down In Flames

Up In Smoke – Lily is the town good girl. Luke is the resident bad boy. Only everyone has it all wrong. Can they be everything to each other when a trail of arson leads directly to Luke’s doorstep?

Down In Flames – Tierney has loved Ronan Kelley from the moment she met him. But he’s always been off limits. Just as something starts to heat up between  them, her past comes knocking…and Tierney’s past comes with a body count.

From the Ashes – Rex Roma is the king of bad choices, but he’s trying to be better. Better could even mean winning the attention of Talia Lee, resident baker and badass. But when the waters rise, he’ll have to choose between saving his daughter or the woman he loves.

3 full romantic suspense novels from a Maggie Award and NEST winner. Grab your snacks and settle in for the ride of your life.

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