Wildfire Hearts – Volume 1

$9.99 - or 20% off from me!
3 full romantic suspense novels with hot, hot firefighters, smart, savvy heroines, and wild, sexy romance.
Wildfire Hearts - Volume 1 cover - couple kissing in flames with covers for Crash and Burn, Catching Fire, and Flash Point

Crash & Burn – Sebastian will have to betray every vow he’s ever taken to keep Maggie safe. But she’s determined to clear her family name and catch a killer. Will the woman he loves still be alive when it’s over?

Catching Fire – Seline needs live in muscle, especially after the Blue River Killer has made it clear he can get to her any time, anywhere. But can pretend become real? Kalan wants to save Seline, but she might save herself first. Or not.

Flash Point – No one knows why Jo Huston was ousted from her last fire station, and she’d like to keep it that way. But when an ice storm hits, park ranger Leo will bring the heat, and crack open all her secrets. Will he still be there once they’re told?

3 full romantic suspense novels from a Maggie Award winner. Get comfy! You’ll be here a while.

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