Touch of Magic – The Complete Series

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Everyone knows you should never cast a love spell… 5 full-length novels full of steam, emotion, and magic.
Touch of Magick Set Cover - with covers for WishCraft, DreamWalker, LoveSpelled, SoulFire and ShadowKiss

Everyone knows you should never cast a love spell…

Heartbroken and betrayed, Delilah is dealing with life the only way she knows how: magic. But what will Brandon do when he finds out she’s been casting spells on him?

Yasmin has decided that she can get away with a love spell…just this once! But when it’s Luke and not Tristan walking her dreams at night, she’ll have to ask if she’s caught the wrong man. Or maybe the right one?

Tristan knows Megan has a gift. But tearing everyone’s thoughts has only been a curse. When she asks Tristan to cast a spell on her to make it stop, he doesn’t want to. Will she forgive him or will he figure out that she was right?

“I fell in love with the pair of unlikely lovers in this deeply emotional and SUPER SEXY read!”—author D.B. Sieders

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