Steal My Heart

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Cara has to let go of her friend-with-benefits Walker in order to find the lasting happiness she needs. But she still wants Walker...
Steal My Heart - Against All Odds

Armed with a checklist and a solid understanding of what she needs, Cara Larkin has waited patiently for Mr. Right to come along. Everything else is on track—she’s about to make partner at her firm, she owns a condo in Hollywood, and she’s got the very best friends ever.

While she’s waiting for Mr. Right, Cara has found an amazing Mr. Right Now. Their friends-with-benefits arrangement as perfect in the meantime.

Walker Booth is the only thing standing in the way of building the life she always wanted. But when Mr. Right comes along can Cara casually toss aside the best lover she’s ever had? Cara knows what she needs, but Walker is what she wants…

Does she really need the things she thought she did? Or is she willing to throw away her checklist and take a chance on a man who makes her heart race?


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