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Sam doesn’t trust witches. So Rae isn't telling him. Will her secrets betray his family?
ToM4 Soul Fire - redheaded woman stares at reader, man, brushes up against her

Rae knows one thing for sure: Sam doesn’t trust witches.

Rae Woodward has just come off the worst P.I. assignment of her life: tail a cheating husband and find his girlfriend. Only the cheating husband is her current boyfriend. She thought she’d finally gotten her life together. Rae and her sister have found their long-lost cousin, and they’ve also discovered that they’re the last members of a long line of witches…

With her awful ex out of the way, Sam is taking this chance to make a move on Rae—like he’s wanted to for a long time. But her life is a whirlwind of new opportunities when his is finally settling down. He’s excited for her new gallery opening, taking her out of the sometimes scary P.I. work she’s been doing and into the future she always wanted as a photographer. But there’s something Rae isn’t telling him…

Will her secrets tear them apart?

“Savannah is no doubt a talented author and I look forward to reading more of her work.”

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