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“Bailey Ann Mayfair, when are you going to marry me?” With those words, Bailey Ann’s already messy world began to spin out of control.
Perfect - Breathless

The dutiful oldest daughter, Bailey Ann is the one who came home to care for her parents, but she’s never felt more lost. Always the perfect child, she did everything the right way, including giving up the boy she loved.

But Finn Malloy is back in town, too, and even he’s not sure where he stands with Bailey Ann. She once cut him so deep he never thought he’d recover. Now that she’s back, though… he can’t stop thinking about what might have been.

Once her high school boyfriend, he’s now little more than a stranger she used to love. History says they’re no good together, but the present doesn’t agree. One night with Finn and all of Bailey Ann’s perfect plans go out the window.

Will Finn ever find a way to forgive her? Can Bailey Ann let go and let herself really love him this time?

Every Belle needs a good set of china, a little black dress, and a good man. This is the first in a new series and can be read as a standalone. Grab this compelling love story and prepare to fall head over heels.

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