Our Song

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The rock star next door has his sights set on her. He might just be playing her song.
Wilder 1 - Our Song

Will his stardom put her out of reach just as he’s ready to take a chance?

Kelsey has found peace only by shutting everything out and locking the door. So when the hot single dad next door needs her help, she wants to be a decent person. However, JD has chaos written all over him.

JD has been nurturing his band for years, waiting for a big break and hoping for a lightning strike. His biggest shock is that his ex-girlfriend has left him only a letter and a daughter he didn’t know he had. It’s about to break him… and the band.

If JD gives in to his own desires, he’ll destroy the peace Kelsey has worked so hard for. But Kelsey has been fighting her own feelings, and she knows it’s time to make a move. Can she be more than JD’s friend?

Even if he can’t convince her of what they could be, JD knows that loving Kelsey will change everything.


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