Once Forbidden

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It started as a carefree fling. When tragedy strikes, she wants to help. But she's broken everything and everyone she ever loved - will she break Ian, too?
Once Forbidden - Jade River Sanctuary #3

Su Abbott wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares, and not just from one thing.

Ian Carello wouldn’t dare have a nightmare. Unattached from everything except his search and rescue work with his two dogs, he has few goals other than to be where he is: at Jade River Sanctuary training in the Blue Ridge mountains.

When Ian and Su decide to have a carefree fling during training, they don’t realize that tragedy will strike. Ian will realize he’s been hiding a painful past and that he’s more attached to Su than he ever thought he could be. But that same horrific moment will make Su realize she can’t afford to be tied to anyone ever again.

ONCE FORBIDDEN will have you turning pages well into the dark of night with a steamy, emotional HEA.

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