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Mariliz Jennings is a too-tempting answer to all his prayers. If she hates him, why does he have the feature role in her wildest dreams?
Wilder 4 - Music & Lyrics

Is he living like a rock star or a country song?

Alex knows drummers are supposed to be the worst. But he was the first to get married and settle down with the perfect wife and the two perfect daughters. He’s got a suburban mansion and everything he needs. Except… Everything is far from perfect. His wife is gone and his daughters have run off every nanny he can find.

But within moments of Mariliz’s arrival, Alex leaves on tour for three weeks. No wonder the eight-year-old is running the show and the toddler is a terror.

Mariliz makes his kids happy, so why does Alex keep fighting her? And if she hates him, why does he have the feature role in her wildest dreams? She can’t leave the girls she’s grown to love…or Alex, not when they all so desperately need her.

This enemies to lovers steamy romance will leave you burning. Music & Lyrics will have you falling hard for the drummer of your dreams.

Will she survive if she lets Alex Beaumont break her heart?

“The chemistry between Mariliz and Alex is, of course, intense, but the story of how Mariliz and Alex find their way to their happy ending is extremely engaging.”

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