Love Notes

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Can he become the hero she needs or will her past be their undoing?
Wilder 3 - Love Notes

One night, one mistake, and TJ’s rock god days may be over forever.

Wilder’s lead singer has made the cover of the tabloids again. Only this time it’s not for his crazy girlfriends or wild parties, it’s because of the horrific car accident that may leave him unable to ever walk—or sing—again.

Furious at the world, TJ has run off every caretaker his brother can find, until old family friend Norah agrees to take TJ on as a favor. Her own life has been lived in dull black-and-white since the accident that took her young husband and son.

She understands what it’s like to lose everything in one moment. Only the world didn’t destroy TJ, he did it to himself. They may want each other, but can Norah forgive a man as reckless as the one who took her family? She can’t trust TJ to do anything but the wrong thing.

When a vicious surprise tries to steal Norah’s carefully crafted stability, she may just have to trust TJ. Can this beauty tame the beast?

“Savannah Kade rocks the emotion in this hard won love story.”

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