Jade River Sanctuary – Vol 1

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Three book set of the Jade River Sanctuary Series: Hidden Hearts, After Yesterday, and Once Forbidden. The Jade River Sanctuary is training service dogs... but the place is in ruins, the veterinarian has a concerning past, the dog trainer is an ex-con, and the first employee is a runaway bride. The dogs aren't the only ones who need rescue...

Come home to the Jade River Sanctuary, where the dogs aren’t the only rescues. Runaway brides, heroes with shady pasts, those with broken hearts and hardened hearts are here to train service dogs. Enemies to lovers, secret identities, second chances and more.

Hidden Hearts – Ash and Brandy clash like fire and whiskey… but maybe they belong in each other’s beds more than at each other’s throats. Can he heal her broken heart when his own has never been whole?

After Yesterday – Devin owes a debt that can never be repaid. Gabi has a secret that could destroy them and leave them stranded on different continents. Full of twists, heart-wrenching emotion, and steamy romance.

Once Forbidden – It started as a carefree fling. When tragedy strikes, Su wants to help Ian. But she’s broken everything and everyone she ever loved – will she break Ian, too?

Each new chance at love could make you… or break you.

3 Full length novels from Maggie Award Winner Savannah Kade. Start the series readers are raving about now.

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