Hidden Hearts

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Ash and Brandy clash like fire and whiskey... but maybe they belong in each other's beds more than at each other's throats. Can he heal her broken heart when his own has never been whole?
Hidden Hearts - Jade River Sanctuary #1 - blue flowers with mountain scene

Ash and Brandy clash like fire and whiskey.

But neither can afford to lose what they’ve found at the Jade River Sanctuary. This is a last chance for each of them.

Ash has cut all ties to a past that has been painful and bruising. He’s tired of giving his heart to women who will only break it for him. Before he realizes what he’s done, he’s fallen for Brandy. She might be the woman who breaks him one last time.

Brandy fled her own wedding. The betrayals came from too many directions, and she can’t even confide in the people she trusts the most. The truth will destroy her entire family.

She knows there’s more to Ash than just the fights he picks, but how can she trust anyone she’s chosen? How can Ash heal Brandy’s broken heart when his own has never been whole?

Hidden Hearts is the first book in the new Jade River Sanctuary series. From award winning author Savannah Kade, these stories are full of rescue dogs, twisty-angsty romance, and swoonworthy heroes. These emotional, contemporary romances will keep you reading well into the night.

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