Heart Strings

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How much longer can this Rockstar comet-ride of success continue before they figure out what he’s done?
Wilder 2 - Heartstrings

It was supposed to be a one night stand…

At the end of the three days, Craig tells bridesmaid Shay goodbye and never expects to see her again. He certainly doesn’t expect that it will be him turning up on her doorstep three months later.

He’s the last man Shay expected to see. Answering the door in her sweatshirt for the rock star she spent a fantasy escape weekend with was not what she had planned. She never told him that she has two sons from two different fathers, custody cases, and that she’s been holding her life together with duct tape and hope for years.

Craig can’t forget her. Shay understands the darkness he’s trying to keep hidden even better than he does. But neither of them can have a future unless he can stop his past from coming after him.

Will their love survive his confessions? Or hers?

When everything is on the line, love is the only thing that can save them.

“This is a real, raw, gritty romance that’ll get you in ALL the feels.”

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