From the Ashes

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Rex Roma is the original bad boy, only now he's trying to convince Talia he's a good man. But when the waters start to rise, he'll have to choose between saving his daughter and the woman he loves.
WIldfire Hearts 6 - From the Ashes

Nebraska was supposed to be flat, and Redemption seemed like the perfect town for a girl like her. But when the storms come, it’s anything but safe.

Firefighter Rex Roma has had a long go of it. His ex dropped off his toddler daughter when she went to rehab and never came back. He’s not sure if his wild crush on Talia Lin is reciprocated, but he’d do anything for the new baker in town.

His whole life has been about saving people. Though he has some deep regrets in his past, he’s still trying to make the world better with each step. But when the floods hit, he’ll have to choose between his daughter and the woman he loves.
He can’t save them both…

From the Ashes is the sixth book in the WildFire Hearts series by Maggie Award winning author Savannah Kade.

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