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New firefighter Jo has a mysterious and concerning past. She's got too much to prove to let Leo derail her. But when an ice storm hits, they'll have to rescue two small boys and fight the rising heat between them.

When a young boy goes missing in the Nebraska wilderness, the Redemption FD is called to help. New-girl Jo is the one with the most training… but also a reputation as nothing but trouble.

Leo knows what it is to lose a brother to the mountain storms, and he’s already far too invested in this case. Having Jo as his partner will only hurt their chances of finding the boy alive.

Even though Leo’s convinced he’s going to have to rein her in, he isn’t prepared for Jo’s willingness to risk both their lives to save the child. But Leo is about to find out that Jo isn’t what everyone thinks she is. She’s been hiding a secret and the ice storm bearing down on all off them may reveal deeper feelings, but none of that will matter if they can’t survive.

This is the third book in the WildFire Hearts romantic suspense series and can be read as a standalone. This enemies to lovers romance is perfect for fans of the Dark Fall series and Shannon Stacey’s Boston Heat. Settle in for a wild read with heart, heat, and a roller coaster of emotion in Flash Point.

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