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Charlie probably has PTSD… if he’d admit enough to get help. Jane has a full life that she can already barely juggle. The last thing she needs is her best friend’s brother keeping her up at night. Or maybe that’s what she needs most.

Available: January 2025


Charlie Weaver has seen too much, and not enough. Sent home from his assignment in a war zone, he won’t even admit that he needs help. Nothing feels right, not even the weight of his beloved camera in his hand. What he knows he needs though is to get out of his parents’ house.

Jane Copeland is dealing with a bitter ex-husband who was never what she thought, an exhilarating new business that could cost her everything, and a reclusive new tenant: Charlie Weaver. As Charlie slowly begins to heal, so does Jane.

Ultimately, their lives have become so woven together, there’s no way to become something more to each other unless they’re willing to throw it all away if they miss. Neither of them can afford to go backward, but maybe they can build a new future together. If they’re willing to confess their deepest secrets and take a risk on each other.

Dreamer is the eighth book in the Breathless series from Maggie and NEST award winning author Savannah Kade. Fans of sultry small town romance will love this series. Prepare to get swept away.

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