Ask Me to Stay

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Jessica has worked too hard to let her coworker and flirt Alex derail her. If she can learn to trust him, maybe she can get her very own Hollywood ending.
Ask Me to Stay - Against All Odds

Jessica Valverde worked her way up from a bad neighborhood. She’s now a detective with the Hollywood PD and on her way to captain. Everything is going as planned—except her partners keep leaving for other jobs and the husband and 2.4 kids never materialized.
She’s become the “single woman” in the “tough job.” And pretty much every day she has to turn down offers from uniformed cop and hopeless flirt Alex Copeland. He’s got the looks to be an actor and the strut for it, too. It just takes a dangerous moment on the street to learn that Alex is more than the playboy he appears to be. But he’s younger than Jessica, he’s lower ranked than she is, and getting involved with him could cost her everything.

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