Against All Odds – 4 Book Set

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When love isn’t in the cards, how much are you willing to risk? Four friends-to-lovers romances full of heat, emotion, and all the feels!
Against All Odds - Set Cover - with covers for Steal My Heart, Call Me Yours, Ask Me To Stay, Promise Me Always

When love isn’t in the cards, how much are you willing to risk?

Your next book binge is right here.

Cara knows what she needs, but Walker is what she wants. When her perfect man comes along, she’ll have to choose between him and her friend-with-benefits. But life has a habit of throwing curve balls, and Cara will find out that Walker is more than he appears. Will she figure out what she really wants before it’s too late?

Zoe is cycle-breaker. She’s about to be the first woman in her family to fully support herself. So when sexy, up-and-coming Hollywood star Noah Preston falls for her, she can’t take the time to fall for him, too. She cannot be dependent on a man. But can she find a balance before she loses everything?

“a butterflies-in-the-stomach, blood-stirring, gut-wrenching love story that’s certain to steal the reader’s heart!”—In D’Tale Mag

These four friends-to-lovers romances from a Maggie Award winning author will keep you up all night. If you’ve needed a good circle of friends, and a chance at your next book boyfriend, look no further. Take a chance on love and start reading the Against All Odds series now!

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