Against All Odds

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Just when you think love isn’t in the cards…

“This is a story that pulled my heartstrings as I felt as if I’m watching my own love story.” – Long and Short Reviews.

“This one will pull on the heartstrings from the first chapter onwards. Loved it from start to finish with how the story and romance unfolded from friendship to something more.” – Reading Nook.


Finding the perfect man was supposed to be easy…at least easier than this!

Armed with a checklist and a solid understanding of what she needs, Cara Larkin has waited patiently for Mr. Right to come along. Everything else is on track—she’s about to make partner at her firm, she owns a condo in Hollywood, and she’s got the very best friends ever.

While she’s waiting for Mr. Right, Cara has found an amazing Mr. Right Now. Their friends-with-benefits arrangement as perfect in the meantime.

Walker Booth is the only thing standing in the way of building the life she always wanted. But when Mr. Right comes along can Cara casually toss aside the best lover she’s ever had? Cara knows what she needs, but Walker is what she wants…

Does she really need the things she thought she did? Or is she willing to throw away her checklist and take a chance on a man who makes her heart race?



Zoe Leland’s plans to remain single just ran smack into rising Hollywood heartthrob Noah Preston.

Zoe’s seen enough of relationships ending in heartbreak…or a women’s shelter. Determined to be the first woman in her family to graduate from college, she will be the first to not have to scrape by. She’s learned the hard way, but it’s a lesson she’s taken to heart. Until her best friend almost kisses her one night…

Noah Preston is done paying his dues. His new paychecks have more zeroes and his confidence is finally high enough to make a move on the brilliant Zoe Leland. She’s been out of his league for years, but maybe he’s enough for her now.

Zoe is petrified of handing her heart over and terrified of actually needing someone. Her degree is her salvation and it’s still months away. Academia and Hollywood don’t mix well, but Noah will have to convince her there’s a way to exist in each other’s worlds if he’s going to tear down the walls she’s hiding behind.



Jessica Valverde worked her way up from a bad neighborhood. She’s now a detective with the Hollywood PD and on her way to captain. Everything is going as planned—except her partners keep leaving for other jobs and the husband and 2.4 kids never materialized.
She’s become the “single woman” in the “tough job.” And pretty much every day she has to turn down offers from uniformed cop and hopeless flirt Alex Copeland. He’s got the looks to be an actor and the strut for it, too. It just takes a dangerous moment on the street to learn that Alex is more than the playboy he appears to be. But he’s younger than Jessica, he’s lower ranked than she is, and getting involved with him could cost her everything.



Bree and Kevin were the one steady thing in their group, so Brandon’s sudden passing leaves Bree at a terrible loss.

When his best friend, Hollywood A-lister, Marco DeLucca shows up, Bree is more than happy to welcome her old friend back into her newly broken life. 

When she finally heals enough to start over, why does she have to be so attracted to Marco? They have a clearly defined relationship as friends… there’s no room for her feelings. Their slow burn romance will change everything, until Bree makes a mistake that’s may cost them everything…


 Against All Odds Box Set

Against All Odds - Boxed SetAvailable Sept 29th. Pre-order NOW.


Love never sends what you expect.

This steamy series delivers four friends to lovers fantasies come true. From opposites attract, to best friend romance, to second chances… you stay up all night reading these hollywood actor and boy-next-door sagas and finding happily ever afters for this circle of best friends.