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Hidden Hearts

Jade River Sanctuary

A new series from Savannah Kade!

Ash Cooper is finally leaving his past where it belongs--in the past. Brandy Blackwell's past is too close behind her.

And maybe it's her own fault. Ash has cut all his ties, Brandy is still tied far too tightly to the life she left behind.

Can something new be forever or will her past destroy his future?

Hidden Hearts - Jade River Sanctuary #1

For the same reason I can’t cast a spell to make your eyes green. You can’t create what already is. I was in love with you before that.

- Savannah Kade, WishCraft

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Savannah Kade

Savannah is a Maggie Award winning contemporary romance author who is always looking for perfect partners for her brave heroines. Life isn’t easy in a Savannah Kade book—whether it’s past plans, entrenched beliefs or even the occasional serial killer, her characters will have to fight to find their best selves. The angst driven and emotional happily ever afters are always hard won and her steamy stories will have you turning the last page with a contented sigh.

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We are certainly hoping for the time to come when I can meet you all at book signings and readings. 

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