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Savannah is a Maggie Award winning contemporary romance author who is always looking for perfect partners for her brave heroines. Life isn’t easy in a Savannah Kade book—whether it’s past plans, entrenched beliefs or even the occasional serial killer, her characters will have to fight to find their best selves. The angst driven and emotional happily ever afters are always hard won and her steamy stories will have you turning the last page with a contented sigh.

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For the same reason I can’t cast a spell to make your eyes green. You can’t create what already is. I was in love with you before that.

– Savannah Kade, WishCraft

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We are certainly hoping for the time to come when I can meet you all at book signings and readings. 

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Available Sept 29, 2020

Georgia Grace

Ticket to True Love

Equal parts determined and petrified, Grace is leaving her abusive boyfriend for good.
Taking sexy bad boy Tyler Preston up on his offer of a ride is worrisome, but necessary.
How can two broken and scarred hearts give in to love when they’ve each vowed never to lose themselves again

Georgia Grace - TTTL

Crash and Burn

The new WildFire Hearts series is coming... He knew from the moment he saw her… Sebastian Kane felt that visceral punch to the gut the first time Maggie Willis walked into his fire station. But his hesitation cost him dearly and new-in-town Maggie is already dating...

Up In Smoke

The new WildFire Hearts series is coming... She’s the town good girl. He’s the bad boy… only everyone has it all wrong. When firefighter Luke Hernandez saves Ivy Dean in a daring rescue, he gets the flash of an idea: He should ask Ivy out. Lately, his family has been...

Flash Point

The WildFire Hearts series is coming... Firefighter Joely Huston will have to risk everything… When a young boy goes missing in the Nebraska wilderness, the Redemption FD is called to help. New-girl Jo is the one with the most training… but also a reputation as...

Catching Fire

The new WildFire Hearts series is coming... She won’t stop her life. She can’t stop wanting him… Already teetering on a fine line between her life and livelihood, Seline Marchand simply can't afford anything that will upset that delicate balance, not the serial killer...

Pre-order now! Releases of Wildfire Hearts start on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited March 16th








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Ticket to True Love
In Dark falls, heroes will rise...
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