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Saved - Breathless Cover -Carlisle never expected the run down house at the end of the street would grant her a hot new neighbor. Simon leaves his fancy car in the old garage and grills out on his back patio. She should have known she would fall for him… hard.

When he literally falls for her, she takes him to the ER for stitches and learns that Simon has a secret. Or maybe more than one…

Red hot passion isn’t enough when she herself wakes up each night from petrifying dreams. When her car went into the lake everything could have gone differently, but she was saved. Maybe Simon needs to be saved, too. But Carlisle isn’t sure she’s up to the task.

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Starlight Secrets

Jade River Sactuary

Starlight Secrets - Jade River Sanctuary #4 - mountain scene with purple flowers

Helen had lied to everyone.

She'd known things were wrong when her husband stopped supporting her career, telling her she shouldn't get the promotion, but she had no idea just how bad things were... or how bad they could get.

She's left New York, but can't escape the frightening memories. Even when she's with Levi, she doesn't quite feel safe. But Levi has a checkered past of his own, and if he tells Helen the truth, she'll feel betrayed all over again.

Before they can be free of their pasts, Helen and Levi will both have to sing the truth and name the liars...

Starlight Secrets is the fourth book in the emotional, angsty Jade River Sanctuary series. From Maggie and National Excellence in Story Telling award winner Savannah Kade comes a deeply compelling story of found family and claiming the future.


For the same reason I can’t cast a spell to make your eyes green. You can’t create what already is. I was in love with you before that.

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Savannah Kade

Savannah is a Maggie Award winning contemporary romance author who is always looking for perfect partners for her brave heroines. Life isn’t easy in a Savannah Kade book—whether it’s past plans, entrenched beliefs or even the occasional serial killer, her characters will have to fight to find their best selves. The angst driven and emotional happily ever afters are always hard won and her steamy stories will have you turning the last page with a contented sigh.

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